Our Mission

   Our mission is simple: To help koalas & children Koexist through clothing that tells stories. Why koalas & children? The reason we chose children is because we are donating proceeds from every sale to the Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Even though they are in the hospital with disease, most of them still have a smile on their faces filled with hope and happiness. How someone can be going through so much, yet still be happy with life touches us deeply. 

On the other side of the world, the Koala Hospital in Australia also has many injured and sick koalas that we want to see get better. Koalas are underrated in the world of helping animals, and we want to change that one sale at a time.That's why we also donate proceeds from every sale to help them recover. Even though most children have never seen a koala, they still seem to love them. It must be their fluffiness! It's a perfect match, they are both on the path to recovery and they are both filled with love and affection. This is why our mission is to help koalas & children Koexist.  


Our Vision

Creativity flows with everything we do. We focus that creativity on telling stories through clothing. With every story that is told a new style emerges. We want our fans to "wear the story" so they can feel a part of it. We strive to be a brand based on creativity and unique ideas. "Behind Every Creation is a Story" means that every product has an idea that ties them together.

We come up with the story first, and then we create products that will best express that lifestyle. There are a million stories to tell and a million ways to tell them. Join us on this journey of imagination, and let's Koexist together!