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Koexist is Plastic Free

Plastic Directly Impacts Animals 


Plastic never completely decomposes. That means that it has to end up somewhere, and a lot of the time that somewhere is the ocean. When plastic ends up in the ocean, it effects all of its inhabitants. Sea turtles and other animals mistake plastic bags for jelly fish and end up consuming the bags, or end up tangled up in plastic remains.


Why Koexist is Plastic Free 

We don't just want to talk about it, we want to be about it. Even though it is more expensive to go plastic free, it's something we believe is necessary to help save planet and those who inhabit it.

Instead of using plastic to wrap and ship your orders, we switched to 100% recyclable paper. Lets face it, most of us throw away the plastic packaging after receiving our online orders. Now you can throw away your packaging (even better: recycle it) knowing you are not contributing to earth's plastic problem.   


How YOU Can Create a Change

Most of the time we don't think twice about what we are throwing away. If you start paying attention, you will notice how much plastic you really throw away EVERY SINGLE DAY. One of the things you can start doing right away isrecycle. Getting a separate recycling bin or convincing your parents to will push you in the right path to making a difference.

Making an effort to stop using single use plastics like straws and plastic bags will also make a huge difference. You can buy metal or wooden straws usable straws and utensils to take with you everywhere you go, and pick up some reusable grocery bags. You can also change from plastic water bottles to a reusable one.

Together we can help save earth's animals one choice at a time!